Oriol Fernandez
Junior Consultant

  1. How would you define yourself in your work?

Everything related to Labor Relations requires a great deal of precision and to avoid, as far as possible, any mistakes. In many aspects, we can define it as something imperative, and a "comma" or a "letter" put in a place where it should not, can have consequences.


Even if you are always behind a piece of paper, you have to keep in mind that, in Labor Relations, you deal with people, sporadically you come into contact with the person in charge of Human Resources or Labor Management, but you have to be aware that the document you are managing belongs to someone. I try to be careful. "Diligent" I think would be the word that would define me.


  1. What do you like most about your job?

Maybe it's crazy, because perfection does not exist, but when you see that the work is well done, when you see that the document you send, and that, in theory, you know that the client should not have any problem with it, that moment gives a lot of satisfaction.


  1. What do you like most about your area/subject?

The Labor Area covers various topics, such as administrative management, counseling, Human Resources, Labor Law, or contact with the Public Administration. But, perhaps, what I enjoy the most is Labor Law: being able to guide the client on which would be the right way to manage their personnel. This would be the part I enjoy and with which I get the most satisfaction.


  1. What do you think customers value most about you?

It is a bit difficult to know exactly what the client values about me. What I perceive would be, perhaps, that the client knows that I am there, that he can count on me for any consultation or any management he needs. I think this would be the main characteristic that the client values in me.


I also perceive that the customer sees sincerity in me. It is difficult to give explanations to the client in labor matters if there is no point of sincerity. If there is no sincerity, in the future, the client could have problems.


  1. What are your hobbies during the week and during the weekend?

During the week, and also during the weekend, what usually makes me disconnect from the day to day, is to watch a good movie, read a book, or listen to a lot of radio. At the weekend we could add some lunch or dinner with friends and group sports, either gymnastics, athletics or cycling.

Martínez Comín