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Our firm was founded in 1948, is specialized in business law and provides a full service of consulting and compliance. 

We have helped to develop successful business projects, providing not only legal, tax and economic advice, but also advising on strategic and organizational decision making.

Every day, from our offices in Barcelona and Madrid, a team of more than 30 professionals strives to provide an excellent service.
Since its foundation in 1987, we are the representative in Spain of JPA International, an international network of consultants and auditors. Through its more than 140 offices in 83 countries, with more than 7,000 professionals, this network offers audit, tax, corporate finance, legal consulting, business development and organization services. Through JPA International, our auditing firm MARTÍNEZ COMÍN AUDITORES is a member of the Forum of Firms of the IFAC.
Governance, Risk & Compliance
MARTÍNEZ COMÍN ensures that companies are well-governed, evaluate and control risks and comply with all their legal and tax obligations. In this way, managers and entrepreneurs will be able to devote all their efforts to the development of their activity.
Family-owned company
Traditionally, our firm has supported family organizations in sensitive issues related to their growth and their transmission to the next generation by drafting the necessary protocols for this purpose, including succession agreements.

We have helped family businesses in different situations with the required tactfulness, organized in mixed teams of lawyers, economists, tax advisors and experts in Human Capital & People Organization.
At MARTÍNEZ COMÍN we pay special attention to supporting the projects of entrepreneurs who start their business with more enthusiasm than experience.
Foundations and Associations
Our firm supports the life of foundations and associations. We provide pro bono services and defend charitable causes.

We currently support entities that fight (i) for everyone to have a place to live, (ii) to offer medical solutions for everyone through the digitalization of medicine, (iii) to create and support revolutionary projects aimed at transforming education, (iv) to support entrepreneurs who have not thrived with their projects, and entrepreneurs and managers who are inactive, and (v) to support projects that provide emotional support to those affected by hematological cancer.

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