Our Purpose
We guide motivated leaders to scale their entrepreneurial potential while sharing our experience and knowledge to create a world of equal opportunities.

"Creating a strong business and building a better world are not contradictory goals:
both are essential ingredients for long-term success". 
(William Clay Ford Jr., Ford Motor Company).
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the organization's commitment to the team, clients, suppliers and society as a whole, which translates into specific actions such as the reconciliation of work, personal and family life and the support for social action programs.

At MARTÍNEZ COMÍN we are very conscious of the need to generate shared value for all our stakeholders. As a socially responsible firm, when making decisions we consider ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria to be paramount.

"E" for Environmental

We consider the impact of our business decisions on the environment, with the aim of reducing and fighting against (i) waste generation and pollution, (ii) deforestation and (iii) climate change.

"S" for Social

We evaluate the impact of corporate decisions on the team, customers, suppliers and community in general. We consider aspects such as (i) working conditions and risks, (ii) information security, including the protection of personal data, and (iii) product safety and service quality.

"G" for Governance

Our decisions are preceded by an analysis of the impact they will have on the company itself, on the shareholders and on the management body, so that we value (i) the transparency and reputation of our firm, (ii) the rights of the shareholders and (iii) the fair remuneration of the executives.

The application of ESG criteria is a conditio sine qua non to achieve excellence in an increasingly competitive market and in a society that is more aware of ethics and sustainability.

However, at MARTÍNEZ COMÍN we believe that the traditional ESG criteria are necessary, but not sufficient. For this reason, we have added the letter "P", which stands for "People", to the beginning of the acronym: PESG (People, Environmental, Social and Governance).

The personal development of our professionals is paramount, since we believe that human beings are not simply resources for organizations, but the real driving force behind them: People first.

"P" for People

In our decisions as a firm we value their impact on (i) the job satisfaction of our professionals, (ii) their knowledge and skills, (iii) the perception they have of our firm and (iv) the feeling of belonging they experience towards our organization. We apply people management policies consisting of (i) the evaluation of the personal situation, (ii) the provision of training and (iii) the creation of an ethical organizational culture.

We are very proud to have received the Happy Index At Work certification, a distinction awarded by ChooseMyCompany 🌍 - Avis Certifiés ESG to companies that listen to and care about their teams. Martinez Comin scored well in the surveys that assess the happiness of organizations, and to what extent in-house professionals recommend working in our firm.   

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