Corporate & Governance
Martínez Comín provides specialized legal advice on corporate and commercial law, becoming directly involved in the design, implementation, and development of corporate structures, as well as good corporate governance and internal management practices.

Our Corporate team has extensive experience in international transactions and adopts the necessary legal architecture to bring agreements to a successful conclusion.

We have been involved in the birth and growth of successful and recognized business projects, supporting them not only from a legal, tax or economic perspective, but also from an organizational and human capital development one.
Scope of our services
  • Corporate governance. Protocols for the operation of general meetings and governing bodies.
  • Incorporation of companies and branches. Joint venture agreements.
  • Bylaw amendments. Capital increases and reductions.
  • Partner agreements. Investment agreements.
  • Contract law. Design, preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts.
  • Structural modifications. Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Legal assistance to boards of directors.
  • Foundations and associations.
  • Legal and corporate due diligence processes.
  • Trademark registration and protection.
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What you can expect from us
  • We keep close to the governing bodies, assisting them in the development of their business projects.
  • We help to reconcile the corporate cultures of organizations with relevant business operations.
  • We have the soul of a startup, so we promote and sympathize with entrepreneurship and innovation.


Our Corporate & Governance team actively collaborates with the areas of Taxation, Labor, Corporate Finance, Strategy & Innovation, Human Capital and Dispute Resolution.

Martínez Comín