Human Capital
Our Human Capital team focuses on people, who are the main pillar and engine of organizations.

We help companies to detect possible deficiencies or aspects that can be improved regarding their most valuable capital, which is human capital, never focusing on "mistakes", but rather on opportunities for progress.

We promote equal treatment and opportunities for people in the workplace, regardless of any situation or circumstance, and we encourage taking an interest in their well-being and personal and professional development.
Scope of our services
  • Culture map: organizational culture design.
  • Organizational diagnosis. Talent and vocation management. Implementation of organizational strategies.
  • Advice on the promotion, negotiation, preparation, registration, implementation, and monitoring of the equality plan.
  • Development and implementation of codes of ethics and conduct.
  • Compensation plans. Preparation and design of the compensation register.
  • In-house training in different areas.
Related professionals
What you can expect from us
  • Sensitivity and empathy.
  • Commitment to the cultural transformation of organizations.

Our Human Capital team actively collaborates with the Corporate & Governance, Compliance, Labor, Corporate Finance & M&A and Dispute Resolution areas.

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