Given the recent complexity of our clients' business relationships (with powerful levers such as internationalization and technological development), we decided to create a specific team of professionals devoted to analyzing and interpreting possible risk or illegal situations, especially regarding economic-financial and accounting matters.

Our Forensic team conscientiously follows the philosophy and principles of regulatory compliance, which are deeply rooted among the firm's professionals, and robust procedures are established to avoid the commission of criminal acts.

We also intervene as independent experts before the corresponding authorities to solve situations in which the risk has already materialized, contributing with an objective, rigorous and comprehensive judgment to settle disputes and disagreements, especially in the economic-business field.
Scope of our services
  • Economic-financial risk assessment. Criminal risk analysis.
  • Integrity due diligence: risk analysis related to reputation, integrity, fraud and corruption.
  • Intervening as economic-financial experts using small and big data technological solutions. Issuance of expert reports and financial opinions. Defense in mediation and arbitration proceedings, and before courts and tribunals.
Related professionals
What you can expect from us
  • We advocate for and carry out an in-depth analysis of the organization, which provides us with valuable information on which to base a suitable risk prevention program.
  • Adequate coordination between auditors, economists, financial analysts, data analysts and compliance experts for each project.
  • Use of innovative procedures and technology throughout the process.

Our Forensic team actively collaborates with the areas of Dispute Resolution, Compliance, Accounting, Taxation and Corporate & Governance.

Martínez Comín